PG&E Corporation is proud of the recognition it regularly receives from external organizations. In addition, our company actively rewards and recognizes some of its most innovative employees for promoting superior environmental techniques and practices.

External awards

PG&E Corporation's Utility Unit, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, earned a number of awards in 2004 for continued outstanding environmental and safety performance at all organizational levels. Some examples include:

  • The California Climate Action Registry recognized PG&E for demonstrating exemplary leadership in addressing climate change in California, by honoring it with the Climate Action Champion Award.
  • PG&E was honored with the Natural Gas Vehicle Achievement Award for its employee education program. The award is sponsored by the Clean Vehicle Education Foundation and the Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition.
  • The National Arbor Day Foundation named PG&E a “Tree Line USA Utility”—an honor the company has received 10 years running. The award recognizes the company’s successful use of proper pruning techniques, worker training and cooperation with local communities to promote “right tree, right place’’ planting.
  • PG&E again received the National Hydro Aassociation's (NHA’s) "Outstanding Stewards of America's Rivers" Award, for out work on the of Rock Creek-Cresta and Mokelumne River Projects.
  • PG&E received a number of awards for its efforts in developing and administering customer energy efficiency programs, including:
    • 2004 Energy Star Award for Regional, State and Community Leadership in Energy Efficiency 3rd year in a row receiving this award.
    • 2004 Energy Star Award in recognition of time, effort and expenses in promoting residential single-family lighting programs.
    • Prism Award (Public Relations Society of America) for PG&E’s CARE Outreach Campaign.
  • PG&E received the 2004 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Presidential Citation -- in recognition of PG&E’s outstanding contributions to the architectural profession with regard to building and lighting design and efficiency standards.
  • PG&E was recognized as a one of two "Outstanding Utility Partners" in EPA’s SF6 Emission Reduction Partnership at the 3rd International Conference on SF6 and the Environment.

Internal awards

PG&E encourages and recognizes employees who identify and promote new environmentally superior techniques and practices, and who strive to implement best practices and standards as identified by third parties.

In 2004, the Richard A. Clarke Environmental Leadership Awards were presented to an individual and a team whose actions took the company beyond compliance and enhanced operational performance, and did so in partnership with local, state, and/or federal stakeholders.

Richard A. Clarke was Chairman and CEO of Pacific Gas and Electric Company from 1986 to 1995. He led the company to a new level of corporate environmental leadership at a time when few corporations made environmental considerations a high priority.

Diane Ross-Leech

Diane Ross-Leech, Manager of Species Protection in the Utility’s Environmental Affairs Department, is the originator and organizational head of PG&E’s effort to develop multi-species Habitat Conservation Plans that will allow PG&E to perform the work necessary to provide reliable and cost-effective service to our customers, and to do so in a way that minimizes the impact on our natural environment. Species protection, as envisioned by Diane, starts with the mastery of underlying laws and regulations and recognizes the importance of both understanding and working with parties affected by and concerned about PG&E’s activities. Diane’s collaborative and innovative approach to habitat and species protection has positioned PG&E as a leader in the field of creative species protection.

On Diane’s behalf, the company made a $5,000 contribution to the Golden Gate Chapter of the Audubon Society.

Mokelumne Natural Resources Stewardship Team

Environmental leadership and compliance is a major focus of the Utility’s hydroelectric team, and includes rigorous public, regulatory, and nonprofit stakeholder partnership efforts. In 2004, the Utility’s Mokelumne Natural Resources Stewardship Team was honored with the Richard A. Clarke Environmental Leadership Award for its success in working with Mokelumne River stakeholders to reach an agreement for operating and maintaining our Mokelumne River hydroelectric system.

Key to the team’s success was their innovative approach to working collaboratively with stakeholders to achieve environmental and recreational benefits, along with reliable electricity for Californians. The Mokelumne River Natural Resources Stewardship agreement was ultimately approved as part of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s relicensing process and received local and national recognition. For example, PG&E was recognized by the National Hydropower Association for outstanding environmental stewardship of the Mokelumne River in 2003 and 2004.

On the team’s behalf, the company made a $5,000 contribution to the Foothill Conservancy. The Foothill Conservancy will use the funds to carry out stream restoration projects on the upper Mokelumne River. This donation makes a significant contribution to Foothill Conservancy’s efforts to restore, protect, and sustain the natural and human environment in Amador and Calaveras counties.