Annual Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report

PG&E's commitment to sustainability begins with our customers. They have told us—and we agree—that our responsibilities as an energy provider go beyond delivering energy that is safe, reliable, affordable and clean. They also look to us to be a force for innovation and progress, economic development and growth, community investment and vitality, and environmental leadership.

Our 2018 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report shows our efforts to create a better future for our customers and communities. It also shows areas where we are working to improve our performance. We invite you to explore the report and share your feedback.


PG&E's long history of environmental leadership serves as a foundational pillar of our sustainability efforts. Review our Environmental Policy and annual Environmental Reports at Commitment to our Environment


PG&E Corporation has demonstrated its commitment to the communities it serves with a wide range of programs. Learn about our philanthropic programs when you visit Communities.

Edison Electric Institute ESG Initiative

PG&E is among the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) member companies participating in a voluntary Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and Sustainability reporting template for investors. Additional information on PG&E's sustainability goals, progress and performance is available in our Executive Summary or comprehensive Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report. This information is being provided in response to the interest of investors and other stakeholders in ESG/Sustainability information that is consistent across the electric utility sector.