Corporate philanthropy

Through its  PG&E Corporation Foundation and lines of business, PG&E Corporation has demonstrated its commitment to the communities it serves with a wide range of programs, activities, and donations and grants to educational, environmental and community organizations.

For information on our company’s funding guidelines for charitable nonprofits, call 415-973-4951.

Learn more about PG&E’s charitable programs at the Better Together Giving Program.

Environmental Justice Policy

PG&E Corporation will conduct its operations in a manner that is consistent with and promotes environmental justice principles. We will:

  • Comply with the letter and spirit of environmental justice laws and regulations in our operations.
  • Set high standards of environmental performance to minimize environmental impacts from our operations.
  • Work diligently to address all environmental justice issues.
  • Incorporate environmental justice considerations in the purchase of existing facilities and the planning and development of new facilities.
  • Work with stakeholders to ensure that future development around our facilities is compatible with our existing and planned facility use.
  • Maintain open and responsive communications with all stakeholders.
  • Communicate and reinforce our environmental justice values within the corporation.
  • Accept responsibility for our operations, and in so doing work collaboratively with our neighbors and surrounding communities