Cheryl F. Campbell

Consultant, Executive Director, Gold Shovel Association (a non-profit organization working to reduce damage to underground infrastructure)

Ms. Campbell has 35 years of energy experience in interstate pipelines and utilities. During her 13-year tenure at Xcel Energy (a utility supplier of electric power and natural gas service operating in eight Western and Midwestern states), Ms. Campbell developed risk management, regulatory, environmental and operating plans for the company’s gas assets while improving operating and financial results across the enterprise. Ms. Campbell also developed the same programs for WestGas InterState (FERC-regulated pipeline owned by Xcel Energy) while serving as President and CEO. Ms. Campbell is a champion of public and employee safety and served on the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Gas Pipeline Advisory Committee from 2013 to 2018, providing guidance to the Secretary of Transportation on the safety of the nation’s gas pipeline infrastructure. Ms. Campbell also served as a member of the independent panel assessing the enterprise risk management and overall safety of the 11 gas utilities in Massachusetts in the aftermath of the September 2018 explosions and fires in Merrimack Valley.

Ms. Campbell has been a director of PG&E Corporation and Pacific Gas and Electric Company since April 2019. She is also a board member of Hoffman Southwest, a private equity-owned provider of water flow inspection, repair and cleaning services (2018 to present).